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KS Energy ("KSE") Group strives to conduct its business in a manner that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Employees are constantly reminded to be responsible citizens with regard to the environment, and strongly encouraged to make every conscientious effort to conserve energy as well as reduce wastage. Mindful of our impact to society, employee volunteerism is also strongly encouraged and the Company strives to play its part in the corporate giving and philanthropy. The Company’s continuing commitment to meet to contribute to a better society and cleaner environment forms the pillar to our Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") initiatives.

It is indeed our responsibility and privilege to be in a position to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. As a Group whose business spans several regions, we leverage on our network and resources to engage the community through economic, environmental, and social efforts. We endeavor to project KSE as a credible and reliable business partner to customers and principals, while also fostering staff dedication in giving back to the community. All these initiatives actualize the Group’s philosophy on CSR.

Our employee volunteerism programme started back in 2011. We were collaborating in card- making sessions with the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore ("MDAS"). The initiative continued to draw active participation from our employees through 2014, and marks the fourth consecutive year for the programme. Employee volunteers attended quarterly sessions, and assisted our friends from the MDAS in making cards. Such activities not only provided all participants with much enjoyment, they also put the handmade cards into practical use. All employees on their birthdays were given these handmade cards, together with a gift voucher, through their respective supervisors, or Heads of Departments.

We are proud of the progress and achievements of our CSR initiatives in 2014. Since our collaboration with MDAS back in 2011, we have and are continuously working on improving the lives of the community of the physically disabled.

Keeping with our philanthropic objectives, employees of KSE Group, working with The Salvation Army, generously donated clothes, toys, and other household items to the less fortunate.

In driving home the environmental message, KSE Group dedicated 30 May 2014 to No Smoking Day. On that day, employees had to give up their vices with all designated smoking regions cleared. Those who smoked were also given fruits in exchange for cigarettes to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout 2014, employees of KSE Group have participated in various charity runs. Race Against Cancer is one such runs. We are proud that employees put their physical and psychological limits to the test in covering long distances in raising funds for charity.

For the third consecutive year, employees took time from their busy schedules to participate in The Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift Project. Food items and daily necessities were personally delivered to needy families. We were heartened that our involvement brought about much joy to the recipients, especially over the Christmas festive season.

With 2014 coming to an end, employees of KSE Group came together to form a caroling group with the purpose of raising funds for a new initiative – Promised Land Community Services. Management at KSE Group significantly increased the amount by matching every dollar raised with another dollar donation.
We believe there is a strong correlation between the empowerment of our employees and the growth of our business. Through group volunteering, we allow room for employees to build confidence and develop skills. Throughout the year, groups of KSE employees teamed up for various challenges outside their usual routines. A group of employees continuing participation in HSBC’s Annual Corporate Responsibility Challenge is one example. The event strived to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate by cleaning their homes. With encouragement from Management, KSE employees also participated in various charity runs to raise funds. Such engagements help instill a culture of giving within the company.

The Group continues to encourage recycling and waste reduction. Our businesses are part of a supply chain that consumes primary industrial resources. It is with this in mind that KSE Group encourages employees to be more environmentally aware at all times. As KSE thrives on, we look forward to share our progress and results by actively giving back to society.